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Place your Order for Atlanta RF Software's RF/microwave design software products below, or download our Software Order Form, then e-mail ( that Form to us for processing. Once payment is received, your software products are delivered to the e-mail address you entered on the Order.

 ARSlines™: Transmission Line Software

Product Brief Description Price Order Now
Coax Synthesis & analysis of coaxial transmission lines $195.00
Microstrip Synthesis & analysis of microstrip transmission lines $195.00
Stripline Synthesis & analysis of Stripline transmission lines $195.00
WRguide Synthesis & analysis of Rectangular Waveguide $195.00
WRDguide Synthesis & analysis of Double Ridge Waveguide $195.00

ARScouplers™: Directional Coupler Software

Product Brief Description Price Order Now
TEMcoupler Electrical & dimensional Synthesis and Analysis of multi-section Symmetrical & Asymmetrical TEM-mode Strilpine Directional Couplers (Upgrade: May-2015). $1,595.00
MScoupler Synthesis & analysis of Microstrip Couplers $395.00
SLcoupler Synthesis & analysis of Stripline Couplers $395.00
Lange Synthesis & analysis of Interdigitated Couplers $395.00
WGcoupler Synthesis & analysis of Waveguide Topwall Couplers $2,20

ARSfilters™: RF Filter Software

Product Brief Description Price Order Now
LEFilter Synthesis & analysis of Lumped-Element Filters $495.00
CLPfilter Synthesis & analysis of Coaxial Lowpass Filters $495.00
PCfilter Synthesis & analysis of Parallel Edge-Coupled
Bandpass Filters
WBfilter Synthesis & analysis of Wideband Bandpass Filters $495.00
TEMfilter Analysis of multi-section TEM-mode Bandpass 
and Bandstop Filters

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