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RF/Microwave Design Software from Atlanta RF:
Where Synthesis enables Analysis.....™

Overview: Atlanta RF Software

Atlanta RF Software (ARS) offers the following Product Family of RF/microwave CAE design software:

Transmission Lines

    Ø Coaxial lines.

    Ø Microstrip lines.

    Ø Balanced Stripline.

    Ø Rectangular Waveguide.

    Ø Double & Single Ridge



Directional Couplers 

    Ø TEM Coupler Analysis.

    Ø Microstrip Edge-Coupled.

    Ø Interdigitated Lange Coupler.

    Ø Stripline Edged-Coupled.

    Ø Waveguide Topwall.


Low/High/Bandpass/Stop Filters

    Ø Lumped Element:

         LPF, HPF, BPF, BSF

    Ø Coax Lowpass Filter.

    Ø Parallel Edge-Coupled

                   Bandpass Filter.

    Ø Wideband Bandpass.

    Ø TEM Filter Analysis.

Synthesis and Analysis of popular RF/Microwave Filters provides confidence and clarity to the filter designs you use the most. ARSfilters’ product family includes low-frequency Lumped-element Filters thru high-frequency distributed filters in stripline, microstrip and waveguide. Try-out our DEMO software to learn more.

Your design of Directional Couplers is well enhanced using our RF/Microwave CAE software for the most popular designs needed in your RF circuits. Synthesize and Analyze these popular Directional Couplers with confidence using ARScouplers, before you build them. Try-out our DEMO software to learn more.

Transmission-line software just got more exciting with added features that enhance your products: Synthesis features, Sensitivity Analysis, and Frequency Analysis using ARSlines. Learn where the Lion’s share of insertion loss occurs in coax. Understand why Power-Current Impedance: Z(P,I) best defines waveguide, both Rectangular & Double Ridge. Try-out our DEMO software to learn more.

Customer benefits from Atlanta RF Software:

Ø Higher first-design success rate.

  ü Synthesis software enables analysis.

Ø Greater technical clarity of your designs.

  ü Design risk mitigation.

Ø Confidence to proceed with your designs.

  ü Improved productivity.

Ø Fast & accurate design trade-off analysis.

  ü Improved system performance.

Ø Affordable, accurate & empowering.

  ü Meet your goals & design objectives.

Contact Atlanta RF Software  by e-mail: or by phone: 678-445-5544 at our  Atlanta-area office to discuss your RF/microwave CAE software requirements.

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