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Atlanta RF Services:
Ø Telecommunications
Satellite Ground Segment

Ø Satellite Space Segment

Ø Radar RF Front-Ends

ØECM/EW Platforms


Atlanta RF provides engineering services to the telecommunications

community, the defense industry and satellite communication industry.

Atlanta RF Services offers the best-in-class RF Engineers to support your

Programs and bring them to success: On-time & within budget. Reach out

to Atlanta RF Services for timely solutions to your engineering challenges.


Atlanta RF Services offers engineering services to
boost your productivity and maintain schedule.

Atlanta RF Software:

Ø Transmission Line Software

Ø Directional Coupler Software   

Ø Filter Software: Various


Atlanta RF offers a wide variety of computer-aided engineering (CAE)

software, with special emphasis on synthesis algorithms for key RF circuit

designs: Transmission lines, Directional Couplers and many Filters. Try

our DEMO software to explore the many features imbedded in Synthesis

and Analysis of RF/microwave circuits that you use every day.

Atlanta RF Software enables you to quikly design
a variety of RF products with high accuracy.

Atlanta RF Designs:

RF Designs for:

Ø RF Control Products

Ø Waveguide Products

Ø Double Ridge Products


Atlanta RF offers engineering designs to RF/microwave Design Engineers

and RF System Engineers who need an arsenal of RF products, but don’t

have the time nor resources to develop them. Atlanta RF Designs provides

BOM's, fabrication drawings and assembly guidelines for a broad range of

products developed and tested at Microwave Resources (Norcross, GA).

Reach out to Atlanta RF Designs to purchase our Product Manufacturing

Packages for product designs you need now.


Atlanta RF Designs provides fabrication drawings
of RF products already designed and tested, with
no/little development time for your Project.


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