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Overview: Atlanta RF Designs


Atlanta RF Designs offers Ready-To-ManufactureÔ product designs to Customers who need them now, and are ready to manufacture them now.. Our Ready-To-ManufactureÔ product designs enable rapid completion of your next higher-level subsystem, or can expand your current product family with additional products. These product designs were developed at Microwave Resources (Norcross, GA) during the past several decades, so these product designs include typical swept-frequency RF test data, along with the following items:

Product Manufacturing Package:

      Ø Bill of Materials (BOM) for Product.

      Ø Outline Drawing for Product.

      Ø Fabrication Drawings for Product.

      Ø Assembly Guidelines for Product.

      Ø Typical swept-frequency RF Test Data.

As with many RF/microwave products, certain manufacturing details can affect the product’s RF performance after fabrication and assembly, so please contact us before starting your manufacturing process to discuss key process steps to enhance the product’s RF performance.

Ready-To-Manufacture™ Product Designs: 


RF Control Designs:   

    Ø Ferrite Circulators:    

          ü Waveguide

          ü Double Ridge

    Ø Ferrite Isolators:

          ü Waveguide

          ü Double Ridge


Waveguide Designs:       

    Ø Topwall Couplers

    Ø Cross-Guide Couplers

    Ø Loop-Type Couplers

    Ø Coax Adapters

    Ø Precision Terminations

    Ø High-Power Terminations

Double Ridge Designs:
   Ø Magic Tees/Folded Tees
   Ø Topwall Couplers

    Ø Cross-Guide Couplers

    Ø Loop-Type Couplers

    Ø Coax/End-Launched Adapters
   Ø High RF Power Terminations

Customer benefits from Atlanta RF Designs:

Ø Ready-To-Manufacture product designs.

  ü Breadth & diversity for your product portfolio.

Ø Reduced cost from your R&D budget.

  ü Effective product cost management.

Ø Propel product’s time-to-market.

  ü Quicker exploitation of market opportunities.

Ø Seamless integration into your product family.

  ü Re-use the product design over-and-over.

Ø Mature designs: Robust & affordable.

  ü BOMs, drawings & assembly guidelines.

Contact Atlanta RF Designs by e-mail: or by phone: 678-445-5544 at our Atlanta-area office to discuss Ready-To-ManufactureÔ hardware solutions for your current and future requirements.


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