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Overview: Presentations & White Paper Download from Atlanta RF.

Download these presentations and white papers to explore various technical solutions applied to the communication industry: Telecommunications, Satellite/Space and for the Defense community.

Title Description Download
1. Overview - Atlanta RF (800KB pdf) Feb-2014 Download
2. Satellites: LEO, MEO & GEO (1.6MB pdf) Oct-2014 Download
3. Antennas - An Overview (2.7MB pdf) Feb-2014 Download
4. Link Budget Analysis: Getting Started (1MB pdf) May-2014 Download
5. Link Budget Analysis: Digital Modulation-Part 1-ASK (1.2MB pdf) Oct-2013 Download
6. Link Budget Analysis: Digital Modulation-Part 2-FSK (1.2MB pdf) Oct-2013 Download
7. Link Budget Analysis: Digital Modulation - Part 3 - PSK & QAM (1.8MB pdf) Download
8. Link Budget Analysis: Error Control & Detection-FEC (2MB pdf) Feb-2104 Download
9. Multiple Access Techniques: FDMA, TDMA & CDMA (1.4MB, pdf) Oct-2013 Download
10. Insertion Loss: Double Ridge Waveguide (560K, pdf) Oct-2014 Download
11. RF Filters: An Overview (1.9M, pdf) Feb-2015 Download
12. Multi-Section Symmetrical Directional Couplers (3M, pdf) August-2017 Download
13. Parallel Coupled Bandpass Filters: Microstrip and Stripline (2M, pdf): June 2017 Download




RF/Microwave Engineering Design Software from Atlanta RF: FREE !
Where Synthesis enables Analysis.....™

When downloading FREE software, select 'Save As' to store executable file onto your computer.
Product Brief Description FREE Software
LPEV.exe Lowpass Prototype Element Values: Chebyshev, Butterworth,
Bessel and Linear Phase Filters (730K, LPEV.exe): Dec-2014.

RF/Microwave Engineering Design Software from Atlanta RF: DEMO Software
Where Synthesis enables Analysis.....™

Overview: DEMO Software Downloads

Download these RF/microwave design software products from Atlanta RF Software  to explore the features and benefits of our commercial software products. . . . . .before you buy. Each DEMO software product is "locked" to a specific design solution, but has all the functions and features of our commercial software product. Once you explore the design solutions offered by each DEMO software product, return to Atlanta RF Software  to purchase the commercial version, as listed under the above link: "Pricing".

To Download any DEMO software product:
     1. Click: Download on the DEMO software product you want to download.
     2. When asked, Click: Save As and store the DEMO software zip file on your Desktop.
            A. When asked, do not OPEN the DEMO zip file online.
            B. Download additional DEMO software files, as needed, then close your internet connection.
     3. Access your Desktop and right-click the DEMO software zip file.
     4. Select: Send To, then select: Extract Here (in new folder).
     5. Your computer will unzip the DEMO software files into a new file folder, which you can then access.
     6. Open the new file folder, then double-click on the executable application file to explore its features.
Please contact Atlanta RF Software if you experience any problems when downloading DEMO software files.

ARSlines™: Transmission Line Software

Product Brief Description DEMO Software
Coax Synthesis & analysis: Coaxial transmission lines Download
Microstrip Synthesis & analysis: Microstrip transmission lines; Jan-2017 Download
Stripline Synthesis & analysis: Stripline transmission lines; Jan-2017 Download
WRDguide Synthesis & analysis: Rectangular Waveguide: Update Oct-2014 Download
WRguide Synthesis & analysis: Double & Single Ridge Waveguide Download

ARScouplers™: Directional Coupler Software
Product Brief Description DEMO Software
TEMcoupler Synthesis & Analysis of N-section Symmetrical & Asymmetrical
TEM-mode & quasi-TEM-mode Directional Couplers; May-2015
MScoupler Synthesis & analysis: Microstrip Couplers: Update May-2017 Download
SLcoupler Synthesis & analysis: Stripline Couplers: Update May-2017 Download
Lange Synthesis & analysis: Interdigitated Couplers Download
WGcoupler Synthesis & analysis: Waveguide Topwall Couplers Download

ARSfilters™: RF Filter Design Software
Product Brief Description DEMO Software
LEFilter Synthesis & analysis: Lumped-element Filters: Update Nov-2014   Download
CLPfilter Synthesis & analysis: Coaxial Lowpass Filters Download
PCfilter Synthesis & analysis: Parallel Edge-Coupled Bandpass Filters: June 2017 Download
WBfilter Synthesis & analysis: Wideband Bandpass Filters Download
TEMfilter Analysis of multisection Bandpass & Bandstop Filters: Nov-2014 Download

Contact Atlanta RF Software  by e-mail: or by phone: 678-445-5544 at our Atlanta-area office to discuss your current and future RF/microwave design software requirements.

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