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Overview: Atlanta RF Services 

Atlanta RF Services  offers engineering services to the telecommunications industry, the defense community and the satellite communications community with best-in-class solutions for RF/microwave platforms. Our Subject Matter Experts combine decades of experience and knowledge to support  your current projects and create award-winning proposals. Our services include:

Engineering Services:

Our engineering services provide customers with the support needed to bring their programs to success. Our team is committed to serving you thru the synergy of co-engineering that enables us to stand with you for the long haul. We help commercial and government-based customers integrate technology by aligning business operations to improve performance. Our subject matter experts represent a broad range of technical disciplines and contribute unique talent to your team, with innovative thinking and emphasis on customer satisfaction. Key areas & strengths:


Ground Segment:

    Ø Satellite Ground Stations

    Ø Tactical Mobile CDL

    Ø Ku/Ka-band SATCOM



Space Segment:

    Ø Communication Payloads

    Ø Transmit Channels

    Ø Receive Channels

    Ø Beam-Forming Networks


Radar Front Ends:

    Ø Volume Search

    Ø Target Tracking

    Ø Electronic Attack

    Ø Missile Seekers


Business Development:

Our insight into market needs enables our technical experts to produce superior proposals, thru collaboration with our customers, to bring contracts in-house quickly. We identify technical solutions that bring synergy with customer's existing products and processes, while enhancing those solutions thru co-engineering with strategic partners. Our core competencies in Business Development include: Technical & cost proposals, Product Roadmaps, Quad charts, customer presentations. . . . . and more.


Product Development:

Our team supports product development with leading-edge technology, whether for small or large engineering groups. Our support to product development spans one-of-a-kind items to full-scale production that drive real value into your organization through successful execution of critical initiatives. We combine decades of experience with our sister units: Atlanta RF Software and Atlanta RF Designs, to bring new products into your portfolio quickly.

Key areas of technical services available from Atlanta RF Services  include:


Technical Services:

  Ø Spec Evaluation

  Ø Compliance Matrix

  Ø Technical Proposals

  Ø Cost/Mgmt Proposals

  Ø Customer presentations

  Ø RF Systems Analysis

  Ø Supply Chain products

  Ø Program Schedules

  Ø PDR/CDR support

  Ø Risk Management

  Ø Co-Engineering

  Ø Product Development

  Ø Product Roadmaps

  Ø Test Plans/Procedures

  Ø Product Improvement

Why choose Atlanta RF Services:

Customer benefits from Atlanta RF Services:

Ø Mutual partnership & knowledge transfer.

  ü Build long-term team partnerships.

Ø Capable resources available.

           ü Sustainable source of high-end RF engineers.

Ø Move programs & projects more rapidly.

  ü Build agile business initiatives.

Ø Reduced design cycles.

  ü Meet stringent deadlines: Proposals & programs.

Ø Find optimal design solutions.

  ü Quicker exploitation of market opportunities.

Ø Value-based engineering & IP protection.

  ü Sustainable & highly-competitive solutions.

Ø Address market dynamics faster.

  ü Increase your competitive advantage.

Contact Atlanta RF Services by e-mail: or by phone: 678-445-5544 at our Atlanta-area office to discuss your current and future needs.





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