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RF/Microwave Directional Coupler Design Software: TEMcoupler
Where Synthesis enables Analysis.....™

Software Product:
Atlanta RF Software offers RF/microwave CAE software product: TEMcoupler, which performs electrical and
dimensional Synthesis of N-section Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Directional Couplers and/or Frequency Analysis
of TEM-mode (stripline) or quasi-TEM-mode (microstrip) Symmetrical or Asymmetrical Directional Couplers and
includes the following product features:

1. Synthesis of N-section Symmetrical TEM-mode (stripline) and quasi-TEM-mode (microstrip)
Directional Couplers, up to N = 9 sections across multiple frequency octaves: Zoe & Zoo.

2. Synthesis of N-section Asymmetrical TEM-mode (stripline) and quasi-TEM-mode (microstrip)
Directional Couplers, up to N = 6-sections across multiple frequency octaves: Zoe & Zoo.

3. Synthesis of physical dimensions of N-section Symmetrical & Asymmetrical TEM-mode
couplers using broadside parallel-coupled stripline construction, with or without strip offset.

4. Frequency Analysis of multi-section Directional Couplers:
          a) Analysis of N-section Symmetrical (N = 3, 5, 7 & 9-sections) Directional Couplers.
     b) Analysis of N-section Asymmetrical (up to N = 6-sections) Directional Coulers.
     c) Can read User's Coupler Data File or User can enter key design data for Analysis:
             1) Even and Odd-Mode Impedances: Zoe & Zoo for each section.
) Center Frequency for each section.

                5. Frequency Analysis features:
                     a) User can select even & odd-mode phase velocity to simulate
Microstrip construction.
                     b) User can select loss levels (dB/inch) to simulate Insertion Loss effects.

6. Frequency Analysis response profile of key 4-port directional coupler parameters:
       a) 4-port Coupler Response: Scattering Parameters - Magnitude (dB) and Phase (degrees).
       b) VSWR, Coupling, Isolation &
Quadrature Phase Error.
                   7. Default values for each User-entered Input Data.                  

Software product: TEMcoupler is a User-friendly and versatile design tool to characterize practical multi-section
directional couplers having a symmetrical or asymmetrical design, whether constructed in stripline or dispersive

                 Download our White Paper on Multi-Section Symmetrical Directional Couplers.

                   Download the User Manual for software product: TEMcoupler to view 
                   the many features and capabilities that support your RF circuit designs.

                   Download the DEMO software product:
TEMcoupler-DEMO to explore the
                   functions available and solutions offered to ease your everyday work load.

Functional illustration of a multi-section Symmetrical Directional Coupler:



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