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RF/Microwave Directional Coupler Design Software: SLcoupler
Where Synthesis enables Analysis.....™

Software Product: SLcoupler

Atlanta RF Software offers RF/microwave CAE software product:
SLcoupler, which performs Electrical &
Dimensional Synthesis, Sensitivity Analysis and Frequency Analysis of stripline edge-coupled directional
couplers, and includes the following product features:

1. Synthesis of stripline coupler’s physical dimensions (strip width & strip spacing) from:
a) Coupling level (dB) and system impedance level (Zo), or
b) Even-Mode Impedance: Zoe, and Odd-Mode Impedances: Zoo.

2. Analysis of Impedances: Zoe, Zoo & Zo from known physical dimensions:
a) Range of Strip Widths: Wmin to Wmax.
b) Range of Strip Spacings: Smin to Smax.

3. Sensitivity Analysis of Impedance (Zoe & Zoo) to:
a) Ground-plane Spacing: B.
b) Range of Strip Widths: Wmin to Wmax.
c) Range of Strip Spacing: Smin to Smax.
d) Strip Thickness: T.

4. Frequency Analysis response profile of:
a) 4-port Coupler Response: VSWR, Coupling, Isolation & Quadrature Phase Error.
b) Conductor losses versus Frequency (Resistivity & Surface Roughness).
c) Dielectric loss versus Frequency, based on loss tangent of dielectric material.
5. Default values for each User-entered input data.

6. Output Data stored on your hard drive for graphical plots.

Software product: SLcoupler is a User-friendly and versatile design tool for developing practical directional couplers
in stripline. Dimensional Synthesis is readily applied to thin-strip, soft-substrate construction, or thick-strip, air-line
coupler designs. SLcoupler’s Frequency Analysis feature provides 4-port response profiles of your coupler’s design,
including insertion loss effects caused by resistivity of metals, their surface roughness, and substrate dielectric losses.
Sensitivity Analysis identifies which physical circuit parameter impacts Zoe & Zoo, so you can specify tolerances on
Manufacturing drawings for highly reproducible designs. . . . . from unit-to-unit.

                  Download the User Manual for software product: SLcoupler to view 
                  the many features and capabilities that support your RF circuit designs.

                  Download the DEMO software product:
SLcoupler-DEMO to explore the
                  functions available and solutions offered to ease your everyday work load.

A typical Distributed Circuit for a Directional Coupler

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