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RF/Microwave Transmission Line Design Software: Microstrip
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Software Product: Microstrip

Atlanta RF Software offers RF/microwave CAE software product: Microstrip, which performs dimensional synthesis and electrical analysis of single-strip microstrip, and includes the following product features:

        1. Synthesis of physical dimensions from known Impedances.
        2. Analysis of Impedances from known microstrip physical dimensions.
        3. Sensitivity Analysis of microstrip Impedance to:
               a) Substrate Thickness: H.
               b) Strip Width: W.
               c) Dielectric Constant: Er.
               d) Top cover height: H2.
        4. Response profile versus Frequency of:
               a) Characteristic Impedance: Zo(eff) versus Frequency.
               b) Effective Dielectric Constant: Er(eff) versus Frequency.
               c) Conductor loss versus Frequency.
               d) Dielectric loss versus Frequency.
               e) Radiation loss versus Frequency.

                f) Unloaded Q (Qu) versus Frequency.
        5. Higher-order mode cut-off frequency.
        6. Default values for each User-entered input data.
        7. Output Data stored on your hard drive for graphical plots.

Software product: Microstrip computes the Impedance Sensitivity of your microstrip circuit to its physical dimensions, so mechanical tolerances during fabrication are well-controlled. Dispersion effects on Impedance: Zo(eff) and effective dielectric constant: Er(eff) versus frequency are part of Microstrip's Output Data, even when phyiscal dimensions are synthesized.

Download our DEMO software product: Microstrip-Demo to explore the 
functions available and solutions offered to ease your everyday work load.

Conductor Loss, Dielectric Loss and Radiation Loss versus Frequency for a
50 Ohm microstrip transmission line constructed on Roger's RO4350B substrate.


A typical Microstrip Transmission Line.






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