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ARSlines - Transmission Line Software
RF/Microwave Transmission Line Design Software: ARSlines
Where Synthesis enables Analysis.....™


Transmission Lines

  Ø Coaxial lines.

  Ø Microstrip lines.

  Ø Balanced Stripline.

  Ø Rectangular Waveguide.

  Ø Double & Single Ridge



Advantages & Benefits:

Ø Higher first-design

    success rate,

Ø Greater technical clarity,

Ø Confidence to proceed,

Ø Fast & accurate design

    trade-off analysis

Ø Affordable, accurate 

    and empowering.


Overview: Transmission Line Design Software

Atlanta RF Software continues to expand our Product Family of RF/microwave computer-aided engineering (CAE) design software for popular Transmission Lines, with special emphasis on Electrical Synthesis, Dimensional Synthesis, Frequency Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis. Atlanta RF Software offers the following CAE software for Dimensional Synthesis, Frequency Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis of popular RF/microwave Transmission Lines:


          Product          Brief Description of Software Product:


          Coax              Synthesis & analysis of Coaxial transmission lines.

          Microstrip     Synthesis & analysis of Microstrip transmission lines.

          Stripline        Synthesis & analysis of Stripline transmission lines.

          WRguide       Synthesis & analysis of Rectangular Waveguide.

          WRDguide    Synthesis & analysis of Double & Single Ridge Waveguide.


Click on the product’s name for an expanded description of features and capabilities.

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