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ARSfilters - Filter Design Software
RF/Microwave Filter Design Software: ARSfilters
Where Synthesis enables Analysis.....™


Low/High/Bandpass/Stop Filters

    Ø Lumped Element:

        LPF, HPF, BPF, BSF

    Ø Coax Lowpass Filter

    Ø Parallel Edge-Coupled

                     Bandpass Filter

    Ø Wideband Bandpass

    Ø TEM Filter Analysis

Advantages & Benefits:    

Ø Higher first-design

    success rate,

Ø Greater technical clarity,

Ø Confidence to proceed,

Ø Fast & accurate design

    trade-off analysis,

Ø Affordable, accurate 

    and empowering.


Overview: RF Filter Design Software

Atlanta RF
Software  continues to expand our Product Family of  RF/microwave computer-aided engineering (CAE) design software for popular high-frequency Filters, with special emphasis on Electrical Synthesis, Dimensional Synthesis and Frequency Analysis. Atlanta RF Software offers the following CAE software for Synthesis and Analysis of RF/microwave Filters:








Brief Description
Synthesis & Analysis of Lumped-Element Filters:

Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass & Bandstop.

Synthesis & analysis of Coaxial Lowpass Filters:

Electrical Circuit and Distributed Circuit.

Synthesis & analysis of Parallel Edge-Coupled

Bandpass Filters realized in Stripline or Microstrip.

Synthesis & analysis of Wideband Bandpass Filters

constructed in Stripline or Microstrip.

Analysis of multi-section Bandpass and Bandstop

Filters operating in non-dispersive TEM-mode.

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