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RF/Microwave Transmission Line Design Software: WRDguide
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Software Product: WRDguide

Atlanta RF Software offers RF/microwave CAE software product: WRDguide, which performs dimensional synthesis and analysis of Double Ridge and Single Ridge Waveguide, and includes the following product features:

           1. Synthesis of physical dimensions from User-selected WRD Impedance:
                     a) Power-Voltage Impedance:   Z(P,V).
                     b) Voltage-Current Impedance: Z(V,I).
                     c) Power-Current Impedance:   Z(P,I). . . . . . perhaps the best choice!

            2. Analysis of Impedances from known ridge waveguide dimensions.

            3. Sensitivity Analysis of Waveguide Impedance to:
                     a) Waveguide width: A.
                     b) Waveguide Height: B.
                     c) Ridge Gap: D.
                     d) Ridge Width: S.

            4. Response profile versus Frequency of:
                     a) WRD Impedance: Z(P,V), Z(V,I) and Z(P,I) versus Frequency.
                     b) Guide wavelength versus Frequency.
                     c) Conductor losses versus Frequency (Resistivity & Surface Roughness).
                     d) Unloaded Q (Qu) versus Frequency.

             5. Percent of RF power between the Ridge Gap: D.

             6. Default values for each User-entered input data.

             7. Output Data stored on your hard drive for graphical plots.

Software product: WRDguide can readily synthesize & analyze all standard Ridge waveguide cross-sections, plus allow the User to develop new and custom WRD cross-sections that operate across broader operating frequency ranges. WRDguide is useful when developing Double Ridge Waveguide products, like: Magic Tees; Transitions to coax/microstrip/stripline; Impedance-matching circuits, and many other WRD applications.

                               Download our White Paper on Double Ridge Waveguide.

             Download our DEMO software product:
WRDguide-Demo to explore the 
             functions available and solutions offered to ease your everyday work load.

A typical Double Ridge Waveguide Transmission Line:



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