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RF/Microwave Directional Coupler Design Software: WGcoupler
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Software Product: WGcoupler
Atlanta RF Software offers RF/microwave CAE software product: WGcoupler, which performs Electrical &
Dimensional Synthesis and Frequency Analysis of Rectangular Waveguide Multi-Hole Topwall Directional
Couplers, and includes the following product features:

          1. Synthesis of Waveguide Topwall Couplers having:
          a) Single-line Array of coupling apertures.
          b) Superimposed Array (N x M) of coupling apertures.
          c) Chebyschev or Binomial distribution of coupling response.

          2. Synthesis of waveguide coupling hole dimensions with:
           a) Large Aperture theory applied.: Field averaging.
           b) Corrections for common-wall thickness (T).
           c) One or two holes per coupling aperture array.

          3. Synthesis data at mid-band frequency for:
          a) Equivalent lumped-element circuit.
          b) Longitudinal spacing of coupling apertures.
          c) Minimum length of your Topwall Coupler.

          4. Frequency Analysis response profile of:
          a) Input VSWR and Thru-path Insertion Loss.
          b) Coupled-port response and Reverse Isolation.
          c) Conductor losses versus Frequency (Resistivity & Surface Roughness).

          5. Default values for each User-entered input data.

          6. Output Data stored on your hard drive for graphical plots.

Software product: WGcoupler provides the User with full design capability, from Synthesis to Frequency Analysis
of Rectangular Waveguide Multi-hole Topwall Couplers. Narrow-band or full waveguide bandwidth Topwall
Couplers are readily designed & characterized, prior to manufacturing.

       Download the User Manual for software product: WGcoupler to view
       the many features and capabilities that support your RF circuit designs.

       Download the DEMO software product:
WGcoupler-DEMO to explore the
       functions available and solutions offered to ease your everyday work load.


Coupling and Thru-path Insertion Loss for a WR-12 10dB
Topwall Coupler designed using WGcoupler.

Dimensions for a Waveguide Topwall Coupler:


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