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RF/Microwave Filter Design Software: TEMfilter
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Software Product: TEMfilter
Atlanta RF Software offers RF/microwave CAE software product: TEMfilter, which performs a Frequency Analysis of multi-section non-dispersive (TEM-mode) Bandpass and/or Bandstop Filters, and includes the following product features:

1. Frequency Analysis of multi-section TEM-mode Filter designs:
a) Frequency Analysis of multi-section Bandpass Filters.
b) Frequency Analysis of multi-section Bandstop Filters.
c) Frequency Analysis of Bandpass & Bandstop Filters (both).

2. Frequency Analysis of various Filter Design Options:
a) Chebyschev frequency response.
b) Butterworth Frequency response.
c) User-defined Unloaded Q (Qu) for Insertion Loss.

3. Frequency Analysis response profile of:
a) Wavelength and Input VSWR.
b) Insertion Loss & Insertion Phase.
c) Time Delay versus Frequency.

4. Output Data stored on your hard drive for graphical plots.

Software product: TEMfilter provides the User with full analysis capability of any multi-section Bandpass or Bandstop Filter operating in the non-dispersive TEM-mode, regardless of the Filter's operating bandwidth. TEMfilter uses pure mathematics, which does not include the construction medium for your Filter.

Download the User Manual for software product: TEMfilter to view 
                 the many features and capabilities that support your RF circuit designs

                 Download the DEMO software product:
TEMfilter-DEMO to explore the
                 functions available and solutions offered to ease your everyday work load.



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