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RF/Microwave Filter Design Software: PCfilter
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Software Product: PCfilter

Atlanta RF Software offers RF/microwave CAE software product: PCfilter, which performs Synthesis of the Electrical circuit and Synthesis of the Dimensional circuit of multi-section
Parallel-Edge Coupled Bandpass Filters constructed in stripline or microstrip, and includes the
following product features:

1. Synthesis of multi-section Paralell Edge-Coupled Bandpass Filter designs:
a) Synthesis of Electrical circuit : Zoe & Zoo for each section.
b) Synthesis of the Distributed circuit : Line Widths: W & Strip Spacing: S.
2. Synthesis of various Filter Design Options:
a) Chebyschev or Butterworth frequency response.
b) Construction in Stripline or Microstrip.
c) Prototype Lowpass Circuit Elements included.

3. Frequency Analysis response profile of:
a) Input VSWR and Thru-path Insertion Loss.
b) Higher-order TE11 modes.

4. Default values for each User-entered input data.

5. Output Data stored on your hard drive for graphical plots.

      Software product: PCfilter provides the User with full design capability, from Synthesis to Frequency Analysis of Parallel Edge-Coupled Bandpass Filters and their Distributed form, when constructed in stripline or microstrip.

               Download our White Paper on Parallel Coupled Bandpass Filters.

                 Download the
User Manualfor software product: PCfilter to view 
                 the many features and capabilities that support your RF circuit designs.

                 Download the DEMO software product:
PCfilter-DEMO to explore the
                 functions available and solutions offered to ease your everyday work load.

             DEMO software for PCfilter includes several Excel files that compare published filter
               designs with synthesis calculations from PCfilter, so you know the accuracy
               of Atlanta RF's software product: PCfilter: 
                      1. Even and Odd-Mode Impedances: Zoe and Zoo, and admittance inverters: J.
                      2. Physical dimensions: Strip width: W, Strip spacing: S and resonator length: L.
                      3. Frequency analysis of physical design: VSWR/Return Loss and Insertion Loss.
               Explore the benefits of using PCfilter by downloading the DEMO software, along with
               comparisons with published filter designs.


   Frequency analysis of a 6-section Microstrip Parallel Edge-Coupled
   Bandpass Filter created by Atlanta RF's software product: PCfilter.
                            (Fo = 4GHz; Bandwidth = 400MHz)

Typical RF circuit layout for an N-Section Parallel Edge-Coupled Bandpass
Filter: Top view.

Note: Software product PCfilter calculates all physical dimensions for
stripline or microstrip filters: Strip width: W, Spacing between strips: S 
and length of each resonator: L .


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