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RF/Microwave Filter Design Software: CLPfilter
Where Synthesis enables Analysis.....™

Software Product:

Atlanta RF Software offers RF/microwave CAE software product:
CLPfilter, which performs Synthesis of
the Electrical circuit and Synthesis of the Dimensional circuit of multi-section Coaxial Lowpass Filters, and
performs a Frequency Analysis, and includes the following product features:

1. Synthesis of multi-section Coaxial Lowpass Filter designs:
a) Synthesis of Electrical circuit for your Lowpass Filter.
b) Synthesis of the Distributed circuit for your Coaxial Lowpass Filter.
c) Synthesis of the number of sections (N) needed to achieve a skirt attenuation.

2. Synthesis of various Filter Design Options:
a) Chebyschev or Butterworth frequency response.
b) Standard electrical circuit or its Dual electrical circuit.
c) Prototype Lowpass Circuit Elements included.

3. Frequency Analysis response profile of:
a) Real & Imaginary Input Impedance: R + jX.
b) Input VSWR and Thru-path Insertion Loss.
c) Insertion Phase and Time Delay.
d) Peak RF power handling of your Coax Lowpass Filter.
e) Higher-order TE11 modes for your Coax Lowpass Filter.

4. Default values for each User-entered input data.

5. Output Data stored on your hard drive for graphical plots.

Software product: CLPfilter provides the User with full design capability, from Synthesis to Frequency Analysis
of Lumped-element Lowpass Filters and their Distributed Coaxial form. User Data Files can be read into
CLPfilter so your popular filter designs are analyzed and understood, prior to manufacturing. CLPfilter may
Also find favor when analyzing a new or existing coaxial connector. . . . .

                     Download the User Manual for software product: CLPfilter to view 
                     the many features and capabilities that support your RF circuit designs.

                     Download the DEMO software product:
CLPfilter-DEMO to explore the
                     functions available and solutions offered to ease your everyday work load.

Typical longitudinal cross-section of a multi-section Coaxial Lowpass Filter:

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